Blog isn’t a Four Letter Word

Ok, so blog is a four letter word, but why do many celebrants see it as one of the four letter words which cause offence? From experience this seems to be the case as whenever I refer to writing blogs, many seem offended by the mere mention of the ‘b’ word. Offensive words are strong, descriptive and powerful. They are words which are deemed to be disrespectful, unpleasant words making some people cringe with uncomfortable disapproval when heard. They are commands; directional, and associations with physical acts or strong slang for body parts. Does the word blog fit into the descriptive category of one of these words?


What is a Blog?

A blog is a piece of writing on a chosen subject which informs of the products, services, goods, thoughts, historical content, and much more of a business, item, person, event or service. It is a marketing tool and a showcase through the use of words and images of what is on offer. Blogs are descriptive, informative and powerful if written frequently and researched.


Blogs are shared and viewed all over the internet. They are stored within its vast library of information to be read many times all by many people all over the world. A blog shared to a website is the equivalent of a reference book held in a library and loaned out to those who seek it’s information.


Blog isn’t a four letter offensive word

Is this offensive, no it isn’t, so because it isn’t why do some many celebrants seem to cringe or show distain and even disappointment when hearing the word blog? Surely something which brings attention to your very existence in a market with many celebrants can be the key to standing out in a gathering of many?


Celebrants are selling their services as ceremonialists; as creative writers who make their living providing memories to couples and families through their words. So why do those who make their living from writing fear creating blogs and become noticeably uncomfortable when creating a blog is advised? Surely a person who makes their living from writing can not fear writing? Strangely this seems to be the case as many shy away from writing blogs.


How can you write a ceremony if you cannot write a blog?

As the saying goes, ‘you can not make an omelette without first cracking the egg’, this is blogging in relation to ceremony writing. With the purpose of blogs being to create awareness of your business, showcase your services, and to gain followers, blogging is the egg, the bookings which follow are the omelette.


How can prospective clients gain their trust in your ability and services if they are unable to gain an insight into what you can do for them seeking a ceremony?


Commonly heard excuses not to blog

‘ I do not know what to write about?’

‘It has been done before’

‘I don’t know how to blog’

‘I keep meaning to, but haven’t got the time’

As a small business you can not afford to make such excuses. You are responsible for your own income and blogging creates awareness leading to income.

Blog isn’t an offensive word, it is an informative word and information creates awareness which leads to bookings. My advice, ‘for f*** sake, blog!’

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