You may think not, and to be honest you are not alone. About 60% of small business don’t think they need a small business website, according to a survey made last year.

Common reasons why are:

  • We don’t need one
  • What’s the point?
  • It is too difficult to set up
  • Far too expensive
  • If you are one of the 60% here is why you may want to reconsider.

Why you need a small business website

Your customers will most probably expect you to have one. Most people now search on line looking for information. If you are not there they will ‘click’ on someone else.

If you want information on anyone or anything where do most start? You now hear people use the term ‘Google it’. If you want to find out when someone is open, what type of food they serve or if they stock your favourite brand go and look at their website.

What’s the address of that Italian restaurant you were recommended too or what entertainment is happening in your local area. All things we ‘Google’.

So do you need one? Is there a point?

The difficult bit

There are lots easy ways to set up a website with online software, and to be fair they can make a half decent job.


Will you be found? You can do your research and go through a total learning curve on how to optimise your site, add meta data, keywords, structure your links……

And if they do find you what is going to make them use your services over someone else? In simple terms, what are you offering that makes you better than your competition?

Time for a bit of research on how to market your website, draw in the user and make them want you.

Website designers, marketing and expense

So if you think you do need a website, want to save a few pennies, find an online free service to build your website. Or if you do have a budget you may consider using a website designer, lots to pick and choose from in anyone’s local area.

Like us some marketing agencies do offer starter websites, one page websites for the smaller budget to x amount of pages for a little more. Check them out and see what will get you the best return for you cash.

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