Local SEO ten day challenge. Part 3

Local Seo

Create Local Content

Localised content is a good way to get your pages up in the local searches via page and blogs on your website.

There a number of ways you can do this, such as blogging about local events that are in line with your business.

If you are a wedding celebrant attend local wedding fairs, take a few pictures and talk to suppliers. Creating a news article about the event and linking back to the suppliers (who most will probably be local too). Put the name of the event and area in the title of the article and within the copy too.


Share on Facebook and tag!

Share this on your Facebook page and tag what suppliers you can. Or if you cannot tag them send a message and let them know you have mentioned them in your article. No doubt they will share your article to their audience too.

Answering local questions such as ‘What is the best wedding venue for an outdoor wedding in [your area]’. Create an article about the subject and post it on your blog.


Mini Directory

Look for local business that complement your business and write about them or find local venues and create a mini directory. Create a page for each one and link back to them, this can really boost your local search.

Next time we will cover Google my business.

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