Local SEO ten day challenge. Part 2

Local Seo

So, what are these H things?

H1, H2, and H3 stands for heading. Heading 1, heading 2, heading 3 and so on.

Your headings on your blog writing’s and the headings on your pages should be utilising H tag’s.

A lot of websites use these H tags for styling text.


H tags indicate to google what your content on your page is about. If you use these tags on headings that mean nothing to your content, you are just lowering your score on google.


For example:

If you are A celebrant who performs weddings in the Norfolk area, your H1 tag on your front page would possibly be:

A Wedding Celebrant in Norfolk


Followed by couple of H2 tags such as:

Outdoor weddings


And maybe a few H3’s too.


Website page titles

This will indicate to goggle that you are a wedding celebrant, working in the Norfolk area, performing outdoor weddings and handfastings.

If you use the H tags badly you can only harm your rankings. Using them for titles like ‘contact me’, ‘Share my stuff’ and ‘recent posts’ will just not make sense.

Look at the pages on your website and check the titles. Do the titles tell the user what your page is about?

Make a list of all your pages and write down a meaningful title for each page.

Then check your copy on each page and look at any subheadings. Do they also tie in with the subject matter? If not don’t use H tags on them, on make them something meaningful to the subject of your page.


So how does this tie into my local SEO score?

I purposely mentioned Norfolk in the title of my H1 tag. This is one indication to google that the page is related to the Norfolk area.

Make sure you mention the subject matter and area in the first few lines of text on your page



No. Don’t go to sleep.

Remember the last post about Name, address and phone number on directory listings? You now want to add that to your contact page. Also add it to the footer of every page on your website exactly the same as you wrote them for your listings.


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