Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

When you place an order you will automatically receive a confirmation email from us to confirm your order. Your order constitutes an offer made to us to purchase a product or service.

Your offer is only accepted by us once we have emailed you to confirm the creation of your account and your username and password details, and the product or service has been provided to you.

Subscription period is 18 months on a subscription basis. Payment failure will result in your website taken off line and email accounts will be cancelled, and a reconnection charge of £30 will be taken to reinstate your website and email.

You are entering a 18 month subscription and are responsible for the total amount. Cancellations can be made in writing after the 12 month period.

Any cancelations made before the end of the 18 month subscription will be invoiced for the outstanding costs in full.

The website reamins the property of UKSOCDesign. After 18 months if you wish to maintain your website yourself  and not use UKSOCDesign services we can host the website for £10 per month. Your domain renewal will be charged at £25 per year.

If you wish to move your website to another hosting company UKSOC Design can package your website ready to send to your new hosting company  for £99. UKSOCDesign will no longer have a any responsabilty for the upkeep, maintenance for your website or email accounts.

We reserve the right to delay or refuse orders where a transaction contains incomplete details or details that cannot be verified or where fraud is suspected.

You can request access to your website via a password to make changes to and add copy, images and information. UKSOCDesign will not be responsible for any errors made by the client. The client will then be responsible for any technical issues created on the website. UKSOCDesign will charge £50 per hour to correct any issues created by the client. Website hosting issues are still the reponsibly of UKSOCDesign,

We make every effort to ensure that the pricing displayed on our website is correct. However, if an error in the pricing of a product or service is found we reserve the right to either cancel your order or contact you to arrange payment of any extra sum due or refund any over payment made by you (as applicable).

The website design, appearance and template remain the property of UKSOC design, and no parts can be changed, copied or sold on. You own any copy, content and images used, with exception of those taken from third party sources.

Your content, written or images must be owned by you. We the company (UKSOC Design), cannot be held responsible for content that is copied by you and sent to us for submission to your website.

Your inital payment of £35.99 is non-refundable. This will be used to cover your first consultation along with setting up hosting space and purchasing or transfering your domain name. .co.uk Domain names are charged at £14.99 per year thereafter. .Com domains are charged £27.99, at time of writting. Domain costs may change due to price increases by domain suppliers.

Copywriting, image quality and spelling are your responsibility. Changing copy or images after initial submission will be charged at £25 per hour, with a minimum one hour charge.

UKSOC Design is not responsible for any copyright or publication on the internet for content, images, or information submitted by any UKSOC member who submits the aforementioned articles and images.

It is the responsibility of the UKSOC member to make sure all content they submit is spelt correctly, written professionally and is grammatically correct. All content sent by the member to be added will not be spell checked, and any mistakes, misleading or incorrect information, legal information, Celebrant service fees and pricing are without blame or consequence to UKSOC Design.

Any content that is adhered to be malicious, offensive or illegal we reserve the right to cancel your subscription, website and email. You will still be responsible for the full 12 month terms payment.

Content published on personal blogs, services and websites built by UKSOC Design are not associated with, or attributed to any thoughts, ethos or beliefs of UKSOC Design employees. No responsibility is taken  by UKSOC Design or the company employees for any content or copyright.

If required, UKSOC Design reserves the rights to see copyright proof for images, content and information.

Terms and conditions are subject to change.

Our Contact Details

Our contact details are as follows:

Blue Tower,
Media City UK,
M50 2ST

Email: studio@uksocdesign.co.uk

Tel: 07368 392 650